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Oak Hill Cememtery Monument

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Artistry and Design of Oak Hill

The Language of Monument Symbols and Icons

Usually found in Catholic cemeteries, this Heart refers to the suffering of Christ for our sins.

The Square stands for virtue and morality.  The Compass stands for the importance of keeping our passions within bounds.

The Sheaf of Wheat symbolizes plenty and the goodness of God in providing for mankind.

A Rose Bud, especially one that is broken, is usually a reference to the short life of a child.

There are several different designs of Crosses representing many different time periods and religions.

The Wreath of Roses is viewed as a reward of virtue.

Hands were used in a variety of ways, from different use of pointing, objects held and cuff details.

The traditional interpretation of Anchor is hope and steadfastness but was also used to mean a disguised cross.

The All-Seeing Eye, adopted from Christianity, stands for watchfulness and God.

Members of social or philanthropic groups  frequently included symbols like this Shrine emblem.

  • Cross with Heart
  • Compass
  • Wheat
  • Flower3
  • Top Cross2
  • Flower Wreath
  • Pointing Up
  • Anchor2
  • Seeing Eye
  • Mason

Notable Burials

Early Leaders of Our Community

Arthur Collins

Arthur Collins

Arthur Collins, founder of Collins Radio (now Rockwell-Collins), supplied equipment to establish a communication link with the South Pole expedition of Rear Admiral Richard Byrd in 1933.

Walter Douglas

Walter Douglas

Walter Douglas and his brother George Bruce played a significant role in the industrial development of Cedar Rapids. Walter died at age 55 in the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912.

Judge George Greene

Judge George Greene

A founder of Cedar Rapids, Greene was a justice of the Iowa Supreme Court and president of the board of Coe College, formerly Coe Collegiate Institute. Greene Square Park bears his name.