Oak Hill Cemetery Association

Oak Hill Cemetery Association (OHCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of Linn County, Iowa. Founded in the early days of the cemetery, the OHCA includes all cemetery plot owners. A board of directors, composed of three active OHCA members, makes final decisions on cemetery operations based on the best interest of the association. Board meetings are held to discuss:

  • Equipment purchase and maintenance
  • Employee relations (the cemetery has one full-time and two part-time staff members)
  • Review budgets and discuss financial topics

As caretakers of cemetery, the OHCA feels it is important to involve as many people as possible in the restoration, protection, beautification, and promotion of Cedar Rapids history. Donations will help preserve our history and ensure our cemetery is available for future generations.

If you would like to talk to an OHCA employee or a staff member, please complete the contact us form.