Burial Services

Oak Hill Cemetery provides a number of options for interment of your loved one. We respect your personal preferences and will work with you and your family to meet them in the best way possible.

Contact us for more information on all burial options and services. Learn more about requirements for burial at Oak Hill Cemetery.

Burials Options

We offer single grave plots as well as multi-space family lots throughout the cemetery. Get information on purchasing a plot.

Cremation (Inurnment) Options

Cremated remains can be interred with or without the services of a funeral director. Remains/urn can be buried in an urn vault, placed in an aboveground inurnment (niche crypt, bench, other memorials) or placed directly in the ground.

Memorials & Monuments

Memorial markers and monuments can be purchased through Oak Hill Cemetery.

Veterans Memorial Markers

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) furnishes upon request, at no charge to the applicant, a Government headstone or marker for the unmarked grave of any deceased eligible veteran in any cemetery around the world, regardless of their date of death.

Get information and application form from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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